Supporting Women at 博彩平台网址大全: An Interview with the Co-Chairs of Our Women’s 领导 发展 Group


Carolina Amador去年加入博彩平台网址大全,担任副主任, Corporate Intelligence and says the most impactful thing she did to quickly feel a sense of belonging was getting involved with the 博彩平台网址大全 Women’s 领导 发展 (BWLD) employee resource group.

“I would like to ensure everyone looking to fit in will find a home with BWLD,” she says.

类似的, Paola老爹, 他是博彩平台网址大全研究与早期开发部的科学家, has been with 博彩平台网址大全 since 2021 and notes that her involvement with BWLD has enabled her to expand her network and continue her career-long focus on representation and inclusion within scientific communities.

“参加BWLD的活动对我来说很自然, as it provided a platform to connect with like-minded women across different departments,保拉说。.

As we recognize International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month in March, we recently caught up with Carolina and Paola to discuss what they’re focused on as they step into roles as the new co-chairs of BWLD. Read on to learn more about the two leaders and discover what’s next for the employee resource group.

问:让博彩平台网址大全先简单介绍一下自己吧. 是什么让你来到博彩平台网址大全 ?你在公司的角色是什么?

卡: 我是一名训练有素的化学家,但刚读到博士学位.D.我知道我不想在实验室里工作. 我为我的博士学位辩护.D. 从南加州大学毕业. 2018年10月10日,两天后我开始了我的第一份行业工作. I spent nearly five years there and had the chance to work with very talented people, 学习并成长为今天的我.

I joined 博彩平台网址大全’s Corporate Intelligence team in June 2023 because I wanted to work in at a company focused on rare conditions and truly have an impact on people’s lives. 博彩平台网址大全 has been a tremendous ride for me, and I could not be happier with my decision. 我和聪明的人一起工作, my colleagues are fun and I feel that authenticity in the workspace is encouraged.

Paola: I hold a master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology and a Ph.D. 在生物化学. Following various multidisciplinary postdoctoral experiences at institutions such as the University of Pennsylvania, 加州大学旧金山分校, 和纽约大学, I wanted to apply my diverse background to the field of drug discovery and development. In 2021, 我加入了博彩平台网址大全的RED部门, drawn by the opportunity to contribute to transformative therapies for children with rare genetic conditions. 最初, 我专注于治疗平台,如蛋白质和基因治疗, 最近, 我加入了心血管治疗领域.

A fun fact: On my first day moving from Philadelphia to San Francisco years ago, 我在机场看到博彩平台网址大全的广告,立刻想到, “总有一天我会在那里工作!”

Q: Now let’s talk about your roles with the 博彩平台网址大全 Women’s 领导 发展 Group. What initially inspired you to get involved with BWLD, and later to become co-leads?

卡: 10年来,我一直参与不同的非营利组织, 其中之一就是医疗女商人协会(HBA), 所以性别平等这个话题一直是我的兴趣所在. 当我加入博彩平台网址大全的时候, BWLD是我订阅的第一个群组, and I immediately reached out to the leads at the time to tell them I would be honored to help in any way. BWLD让我在博彩平台网址大全有了归属感, so as a co-chair I would like to ensure everyone looking to fit in will find a home with BWLD and/or any of our other amazing ERGs.

Paola: 作为一名国际女性科学家, I’ve always sought representation and inclusion in the scientific community. 多年来, I’ve both mentored and been mentored by women in various scientific and managerial roles. 加入博彩平台网址大全后, 参加BWLD的活动对我来说很自然, as it provided a platform to connect with like-minded women across different departments.

我相信BWLD的目标是促进平等和包容的文化, while offering leadership opportunities and fostering community building. 作为共同主席, I’m excited to collaborate with our other ERGs to further enhance diversity and inclusion at 博彩平台网址大全.

问:BWLD是博彩平台网址大全的第一个ERG. Can you talk about what BWLD has been able to achieve and the impact it has had on 博彩平台网址大全 to date?

Paola: BWLD was founded in 2017 by a pair of passionate employees who hosted the ERG’s first event at our Novato site as a team of two. 从那时起, we’ve grown to have a core team of 10 who share that original passion and have helped grow our global membership to more than 500 employees. 更重要的是, BWLD helped set the stage for employees of all backgrounds to feel a greater sense of belonging at 博彩平台网址大全, 该公司现在提供六个员工资源组. 戴安娜·佩罗尼和安基塔·卡雷, 之前的联合主演, and the core team were instrumental in BWLD growth and had a lasting impact on fostering allyship and strong cross-collaboration with the other ERGs.

问:当你成为联合领导的角色时,BWLD的下一步是什么? 你今年的工作重点是什么?

卡: 博彩平台网址大全可以告诉你,博彩平台网址大全对未来的一年感到无比兴奋! For now, our plan is to onboard and truly listen to our community about how we can best serve them. We will focus on identifying internal challenges and roadblocks that women at 博彩平台网址大全 might be facing. 博彩平台网址大全的目标是创造意识,提供资源和授权博彩平台网址大全的BWLD团队. 博彩平台网址大全非常愿意与其他工程师合作, 因为博彩平台网址大全真的相信,博彩平台网址大全可以一起产生更大的影响.

问:最后, what advice would you share with women thinking about or currently navigating careers in biopharma?

卡: My advice is to focus on your strengths and keep getting better at things you’re already great at. There were times in my career that I prioritized improving my weaknesses rather than focusing on my strengths. 然后我了解到人们会雇用博彩平台网址大全, 或者提升博彩平台网址大全, 基于博彩平台网址大全的超能力, 所以我的建议是完全接受它. I would also recommend surrounding yourself with mentors and allies who lead with empathy, 慷慨地支持你,激励你变得更好.

Paola: I have also been fortunate to have several impactful allies and mentors in my career who motivated me to leverage my strengths and become a leader in fostering inclusion and collegiality. My advice is not to hesitate in connecting and networking within your organization. Build your own team of allies and mentors, advocate for yourself when necessary and speak up!